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Astraeus Aerial Dance Theatre was selected as artists in residence through the The Performing Arts Residency program at the San Diego International Airport. This six month residency will feature monthly site-specific performances of dance and aerial dance within the airport, engaging travelers in an immersive arts experience.

Critics agree Astraeus is a MUST SEE!
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Astraeus begins residency at San Diego International Airport
Dr. Carl Yamamoto at Borrego Chiropractic
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Echoes of Gallows Hill

Astraeus Aerial Dance Theatre presents the critically acclaimed "Echoes of Gallows Hill", the story of six women of Salem who found themselves unjustly persecuted for witchcraft. An allegorical exploration of the ways women were and continue to be marginalized and vilified in society, “Echoes” is about ultimately finding strength in difference and community in the face of disenfranchisement.

Recent Performances

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